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ARL Radical Championship

Buckle up and get ready for Apex Racing League’s latest sports car series, the ARL Radical Championship! Running fixed set ups in a mixture of 25 and 60 minute races, this series is a must for prototype enthusiasts!

Following the tracks in the Radical Racing Challenge official series, the championship visits 6 circuits from around the globe. Half the rounds feature a 1 hour race, where a pit stop will be necessary to finish. The other half involve two 25 minute races, the second of which has a reverse grid. This variety of formats is sure to test not only a driver’s speed, but also their strategy and racecraft skills.

The Radical SR8 is a long time favorite on iRacing. This 380hp prototype is one of the fastest sports cars in the sim, possessing great acceleration and handling characteristics thanks to its minimal weight, at just 650kg. The official series has had a huge upturn in participation over the past few years after becoming a fixed setup series and the car becoming part of the iRacing base content. 

For this series, every driver will have a fast repair available for each race, something that should come in handy for any lap 1 incidents. Unlike the official series, open qualifying will be used, and with the session only lasting 10 minutes and there potentially being over 30 cars on track, it could be particularly tricky to set a clear lap. By using the fixed setups from the official series, at least 1 pitstop is necessary for drivers to complete the race, whilst in the 25 minute events, it’s a lights to flag sprint to the finish.

£900 of SDK and Apex Racing Academy subscriptions are up for grabs for the top pro and am drivers, along with the highest placed teams. Trophies will also be handed to the top drivers as testament to their skill across the season. As with all of ARL’s series, every round is broadcast by Apex Racing TV, with photos also being published after every round on

Find more information about the series or to sign up, use the links below!

More information on the series can be found here: ARL Radical Championship Season 1

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Sign up to the series: ARL Radical Championship Season 1 Entry

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