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ARL Clio Cup

The purest racing in the platform's newest tin top


ARL Clio Cup

The purest racing in the platform's newest tin top


ARL Clio Cup

The purest racing in the platform's newest tin top

The purest racing in the platform’s newest tin top

ARL Clio Cup

Each round features two 20 minute races, the second of which has a reverse grid. The only exception is the finale at the Nurburgring, running the 24 hour layout in a 45 minute race a day prior to iRacing’s Nurburgring 24 Hours. With no pitstops and fixed setups, every driver’s racecraft will be paramount

In a first for ARL, we are hosting 2 series in a single evening. Qualifying for the Clio Cup launches at 18:50 UK Time (18:50 GMT for round 1, 17:50 for rounds 2 to 7) with the ARA Porsche Cup following it at 20:30 UK Time. The two series share several circuits to replicate real life race meetings, a format rarely used in simracing. This is enhanced by both the Porsche and Clio Cup series being streamed from the ARTV Esports Studio, delivering coverage at a level unmatched by any other iRacing broadcaster.

The calendar has been built with several aims. Firstly, we want the series to be accessible for all iRacers, so have included the free circuits of Okayama and Laguna Seca, both of which feature the same week as the iRacing Clio Cup official series. Classic touring car circuits that the Clio itself has visited are also a priority, hence our visits to Brands Hatch and Silverstone. Finally, as stated previously, the series is paired with the ARA Porsche Cup, so the circuits of Spa, Sebring and Nurburgring Combined have all be translated over.

Over £1,100 worth of prizes in the form of SDK Gaming and ARA subscriptions are up for grabs for the top drivers in each of the pro, pro am and am championships as well as the teams. Each driver champion also gets their hands on a trophy!

Join us, Fridays
Race Day Schedule
  • Race Day: Friday
  • Practice: 17:00 UK Time
  • Qualifying: 18:50 UK Time
  • Races start: 19:00 UK Time
  • Races end: 19:50 UK Time
  • Drivers: Pro
  • Drivers: Pro Am
  • Drivers: Am
  • Teams: Overall
Series info
  • Car: Renault Clio
  • Rounds: 7
  • Championships: 4
  • Prize Pool: Trophies, along with SDK Gaming and Apex Racing Academy subscriptions for the top drivers and teams in each championship
Useful Links
  • Engine: 1.3 litre V4 Turbo
  • Output: 200 hp
  • Weight: 1032 kg
  • 0 – 100 km/h: 6.7 seconds
  • Top Speed: 214 kph (133 mph)

The streams are held by Apex with fabulous commentators, and with a great group of racers on Discord. From taking part in ARL leagues, I strongly recommend signing up!

John TresidderMazda Cup, Porsche Cup & GT Driver

Admins do a cracking job keeping an impartial eye on any racing incidents. By far the most professionally run leagues I've been a part of

Rob WinterMazda Cup & GT Driver

I would recommend Apex Racing League to anyone. Some of the best and cleanest driving I have witnessed on iRacing for a long time!

Jason HodgsonGT3 Driver

How To Join


Visit the shop and navigate to your series of choice:

Read all the information on the product page. You will find an entry form for you to fill out, a link to the rules document and a link to our Discord Server.

Enter your iRacing Name and iRacing Customer ID. Enter it as follows: Joe Bloggs 123456

Choose one data usage option and then Add To Basket. Follow the store checkout process including creating an account.

Once you have completed your order you will receive a confirmation email and be presented with an order confirmation on the website.

Next join our Discord Server: and change your Discord Nickname to match the iRacing Name you provided in your order.

Our Discord Role Bot will now assign you the correct role so you have access to your leagues channels. This is where we will primarily communicate with you before and during the season.

Make sure you shout in Discord if you have any questions and have fun out there!!
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