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ARL GT3 Pro Trophy!

It’s time for the Pros to return to the spotlight! The ARL GT3 Pro Trophy returns for its second season on Tuesday the 4th of January, with all 9 rounds of racing broadcast by Apex Racing TV.

The return of this stage in the two-part PRO-AM championship format is open to drivers with an iRating of 2400 or higher. Each round of the calendar is based on tracks from the IMSA Hagerty iRacing series and VRS GT Sprint series, meaning official series regulars should have a week of experience at each venue before the series visits. Fuel tank restrictions will force a pit stop once more to encourage racing both on the track and in the pits as well!

All the current iRacing GT3 vehicles are going to be available, meaning there will be 8 different cars to choose from depending on driver preference. Races will be on Tuesday evenings for Europeans, with a two hour practice followed by a 10 minute open qualifying to set the grid for the 60 minute race.

In the previous pro season, Sven Neumann took the title in an extremely competitive field of drivers for Core SimRacing. Bogdan Moldovan was the runner up and Jon Derrick a close third, all earning a trophy each. With SDK Gaming and Apex Racing Academy subscriptions for the top 10 drivers though, many other participants earned some great prizes. The top 3 teams also get a slice of the prize pool worth over £2000!

For more information and to sign up, check the links below!

More information on the series can be found here: ARL GT3 Pro Trophy Season 2

Sign up to the series: ARL GT3 Pro Trophy Season 2 Entry

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