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1 – Entry

1.1 – To enter the championship, drivers must complete both the series entry form and purchase an entry through the Apex Racing League shop

1.2 – Purchasing an entry can only be done via the Apex Racing League website http://apexracingleague.com/shop – please choose the correct league “ARA Porsche Cup Championship”

1.3 – To confirm entry to the championship you must have purchased the league entry fee.

1.4 – This is a single car series. The car that is used is the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992)

1.5 – You must also have entered your details into the entry form to confirm the required competition information that we need from you

1.6 – Paid entries are capped at 60

1.7 – £27.00 Ex-VAT for full season entry fee

1.8 – Drivers must have a D road license or above nd have a minimum Irating of 2800 to enter the series

1.9 – Drivers can enter as part of a team or as privateers

1.10 – Teams can have a maximum of 3 drivers, minimum of 2 (best 2 drivers score points per round)

1.11 – Drivers can pick any nationality listed in the entry form, this list includes nations and states within countries such as Scotland and Macau

1.12 – Drivers can only be added to a team before round 5. Drivers will not score points for the team they are added to if they have already raced in one of the previous rounds

1.13 – Only 4 drivers are allowed to be registered to a team across the season

1.14 – Drivers are not allowed to swap between teams during the season

1.15 – Entering the league will give you a coupon code to the value of £4.17 Ex VAT for the Apex Racing Academy

1.16 –  The coupon code can be used once during the season

1.17 – You can use this coupon code to either purchase the Bronze 30 day access for the Porsche Cup car for free, or the Silver 30 day access for half price which will give you access to all cars serviced by the Apex Racing Academy

1.18 – Both options include coaching sessions, datapacks and a car setup that can be used in the series

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