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ARA Porsche Cup

Following the PESC Qualifiers Series


Abruzzi ARL Endurance 2024

The highly anticipated return of our IMSA-style endurance series!


ARL GT3 Trophy

Forecasting a chance of rain


ARA Super Formula Lights

Our newest single-seater series


Racing Unleashed GT3 Series

Free to enter with a €3,500 cash prize pool!


iRacing Leagues

Apex Racing League provides professional iRacing Leagues, Tournaments and Events for a variety of cars and timezones.

Part of the Apex Racing UK group, every single Apex Racing League race is broadcast exclusively by Apex Racing TV!

How To Join Our iRacing Leagues


Navigate to the "Active Leagues" menu at the top of the page to see which leagues are currently running.

Decide which one(s) you are interested in and click the Sign Up button at the top of the league page.

If you are presented with multiple purchase options then select the product you would like.

Read all the information on the product page. You will find an entry form for you to fill out, a link to the rules document and a link to our Discord Server.

Enter your iRacing Name and iRacing Customer ID. Enter it as follows: Joe Bloggs 123456

Choose one data usage option and then Add To Basket. Follow the store checkout process including creating an account.

Once you have completed your order you will receive a confirmation email and be presented with an order confirmation on the website.

Next join our Discord Server: and change your Discord Nickname to match your iRacing name.


Our Discord Role Bot will now assign you the correct role so you have access to your leagues channels. This is where we will primarily communicate with you before and during the season.

Make sure you shout in Discord if you have any questions and have fun out there!!

Need Support?

Join our Community Discord Server:

Join Discord

Alternatively, use the contact form below for a response by email:

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