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9 – Paints

9.1 – All paints submitted to ARL for use in the broadcasts must comply with the rules and regulations as set out by Apex Racing TV.

9.2 – The paint requirements are as follows: “Drivers should not utilize commercial logos on their car unless they are; 1. Readily available on the iRacing Paint Shop or 2. Granted permission, in writing from the company in question. Cars should also maintain their own manufacturer logos. For example, it is not acceptable for a driver to replace a Chevrolet logo with a Ford logo. All paints must be free from political, racist, sexist and any other content that may not be suitable for YouTube.”

9.3 – Any paints that do not comply with Section 9.2 shall be removed from ARL and the drivers shall be requested to submit a revised paint.

9.4 – Failure to submit an eligible paint will result in the affected cars showing their default iRacing paint scheme.

9.5 – Paint schemes are submitted here

9.6 – Paint schemes must allow space for the series decal layers or have them applied when submitted. These can be found in the #useful-links section in Discord or you can contact an admin

9.7 – Paints may not be added to the paint pack for the next meeting if they are submitted within 24 hours of the next meeting

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