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ARL GT3 Pro Trophy

GT3 action is back on Apex Racing League with the first season of the GT3 Pro Trophy!

After two successful GT Trophy seasons, GT3 action is back on Apex Racing League with a twist! This season, drivers with an iRating of 2200 or more on the road side are going to battle it out to find out who’s the best among the PRO drivers.

Races will once again last one hour, and with a 60% limited fuel tank, drivers will need to top up with fuel at the midway stage. An exciting addition to this season is the addition of open qualifying, with all drivers out of circuit during the 10 minute session, and no one being limited on the number of attempts.

Competitors can choose from all of the current GT3 cars available on iRacing: the recently-added Lamborghini Huracan, BMW M4 and Porsche 911 GT3 R, the always reliable Audi R8, Mercedes AMG and Ferrari 488 or the ageless McLaren MP4/12C and Ford GT GT3.

The schedule is going to feature tracks either from the VRS GT Sprint Series or the IMSA Hagerty official iRacing championship, to facilitate setup preparation and track familiarity for the drivers. Gaetan Anger accomplished a rare feat in season 2 of the ARL Trophy, as he took his second championship win in as many seasons. The series has a terrific roster of teams however, including CoRe SimRacing and Valkyrie Esports, so he will undoubtedly be challenged, should he attempt to defend his crown.

As stated above, this season is open to D Class drivers who own at least 2200 iRating on their road license. As for the AM drivers, don’t despair! Another GT3 Trophy season just for you is coming later down the road. But for the next 9 rounds, it’s the PROs time to shine. Are you going to be the one to take home the #1 spot?

More information on the series can be found here: ARL GT3 Pro Season 1

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