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Wave Italy ARL Prototype Championship Season 3 | Round 1 at Watkins Glen

Photos from the 1st round of the iRacing Prototype Championship

Ollie Cole- IPM Gold

Alx Spetz – Protocharge Simsports Rucanor Gold

Owen Caryl – DriveDead Racing

Ismail Yakubu – Protocharge Simsports Rucanor Black

Julius Braun – SportSofort Racing

Michael Mariani – SRC MIVANO Junior

Wave Italy ARL Prototype Championship Season 3 | Round 2 at Monza

Photos from the 2nd round of the iRacing Championship

Simon Kaulartz – Protocharge Simsports Rucanor Black

Ollie Cole – IPM Gold

Jan Körbs – Protocharge Simsports Rucanor Black

Teemu Myllykangas – Volante Racing

Andrea Pettenella – ESC Horizon

Lorenzo Zoffoli – Leo Racing Team

Race Replay

The next round of the Wave Italy iRacing Prototype Championship takes place on Friday, November 26th, 2021 at Road America

Catch all the action live on Apex Racing TV

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