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Apex Racing League Mazda Cup

The Apex Racing League Mazda Cup returns for its third edition on the 4th of October! The new season will run across 9 meetings, each consisting of three 15 minute races.

The first two seasons of this championship have produced some of the most entertaining action on Apex Racing TV in 2021. The sports car is one of the best cars to battle in, with side by side action possible at every turn and a relatively even playing field due to the simplicity of the machine and fixed set up being used. Race 2 and 3 of each evening are reverse grids, meaning overtaking and surprise winners are rife!

Season two of this championship went right down to the wire, with Pawel Szymanek clinching his first ARL title at the final round, taking a share of the £895 of SDK and Apex Racing Academy subscriptions along with his title winning trophy. Dan Parmalee meanwhile was able to take the amateur championship title ahead of Damien McMullen. This series is open to anyone, from rookies to veterans. Whilst measures have been made to make it accessible for new drivers, experienced racers will not find a better arena to have action packed racing and exhibit their race craft skills.

The Mazda MX5 Global Cup car is the starting car for all iRacing road members as a low powered vehicle to teach the basics in car control. Despite being at home on tight circuits, visiting venues such as Spa and Hockenheim will enable thrilling draft races that will only be decided once the chequered flag falls.

Check out the the links below for more information on the series

More information on the series can be found on the series page, including instructions on how to sign up: ARL Mazda Cup

Join our Apex Racing League Discord Server:

And sign up to the league: ARL Mazda Cup Entry

iRacing Mazda Cup

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