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ARA Porsche Cup

ARA Porsche Cup returns for season 9 with 60 drivers taking on 10 tracks in our longest calendar yet! Returning to our format from season 7, the championship features our elimination heat format in addition to extended hour long races, offering a unique experience for Porsche Cup fans.

Track venues and conditions match iRacing’s Porsche Cup official series. Rounds are hosted on Tuesday nights, granting drivers a full week to learn each circuit in officials before visiting. A free 1 month bronze ARA subscription can help participants to get up to speed quicker, gaining access to setups and track guides from PESC Contenders driver Michael Janney.

Most rounds feature 2 heats, a B final and an A final, with drivers needing to finish in a strong position in one of the first 3 races to qualify for the latter. Besides a slightly altered format for the Nordschleife to account for the length of the track, the other rounds involve a single 60 minute race, requiring a pitstop. Check out the format in action below from Le Mans earlier this year, where the win came down to the final lap.

A new qualifying format is introduced. After successful implementation into ARL GT3 Trophy and ARL Prototype Championship, our 32 minute segmented qualifying session is utilized. The first 10 minutes is reserved for am drivers, the next 10 minutes for pro ams and the last 12 for the pros (the extra 2 minutes allowing them to complete the lap they start before the 30 minute mark). This format forces drivers to consider their track position on circuit, but ensures there is no overcrowding by limiting the cars on circuit.

All the action is broadcast by Apex Racing TV. Their superb SDK Gaming overlay, 3d track maps and expert commentators analyse everything happening on track along with interacting the competitors in post-race interviews. Our partners at Apex Racing Academy have generously provided £650 worth of prizes, including 3x 1 year silver driver subscriptions and a 1 year silver team subscription for those who earn strong championship results.

Want to compete? Register your place on the grid by using the links below!

More information on the series can be found on the series page, including instructions on how to sign up: ARA Porsche Cup Webpage

Join our Apex Racing League Discord Server:

And sign up to the league: ARA Porsche Cup Registration

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