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iRacing | Apex Racing NASCAR Truck Series | Round 8 at Phoenix

Photos and current standings from the final round

Andrew Navarro- LunatiK RacinG

Alessandro Dalledonne – Kairos Competition  vs  Andrew Roos – wannaBEE SRT

Dan Parmelee – Privateer

Jason Nethery – Indy Autosport Red

Mark Redford – Privateer  vs  Kevin Kittelmann – Indy Autosport Red

Race Replay

And that concludes a thrilling championship in the iRacing Apex Racing League Truck Series a massive congratulations to all the winners –

PRO Championship Winner – Norbert Leitner

AM Championship Winner – Kevin Kittelmann

TEAMS Championship Winner – wannaBEE SRT

Catch all the action from all our other leagues  live on Apex Racing TV

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