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ARL Prototype Championship

Season 6 of the ARL Prototype Championship features our largest class roster yet, with the Ligier LMP3 joining 4 LMDhs plus the Dallara LMP2 for 9 rounds of racing, all broadcast from the ARTV Esports Studio

Four new cars join the series. One of the 3 new LMDhs is the Cadillac V-Series.R GTP and with the other 2 set to arrive in the iRacing 2023 Season 4 build, the LMDhs are set to bolster their already high popularity on iRacing. Perhaps the biggest addition however is the Ligier JS P320, now the starting machinery in multiclass prototype racing, meaning we have 3 car classes in the series for the first time. All 3 run open setups, have no fuel or tyre limits and have a pro and am divisions (providing each reach a threshold of entries).

Some of the best action last season was during the extended 75 minute events, introducing the strategic element of tyres to the reckoning. We have therefore increased their tally to 3 for this season whilst the other rounds last 60 minutes, meaning a pitstop is necessary. The other format change is more significant. We will have a 30 minute open qualifying at each round, with each car class taking a 10 minute slot.

Check out the final few minutes one of the best races from season 5 as the win at the Hungaroring came down to the closing stages

This will be the first ARL Prototype Championship season to be broadcast from the ARTV Esports Studio, producing a premier level of sim racing broadcasts, unmatched by any other broadcast company. Virtual track maps, professional cameras and our WEC overlay also feature to produce the best broadcast possible. Want to know what it will look like? Check out one of our ARA Formula 3 broadcasts on the left. The best moments from each race are also posted on ARTV’s and ARL’s social media platforms to our several thousand followers

With the imminent changes to ESS it makes sense for the series to match the IMSA sportscar series to allow the LMDh and LMP2 drivers to have as best preparation as possible for each round. Fortunately, the 2023 season 4 calendar features some great circuits including Spa, Le Mans and Sebring, all of which able to cope with several classes on circuit

Register for the series using the links below!

More information on the series can be found on the series page, including instructions on how to sign up: ARL Prototype Webpage

Join our Apex Racing League Discord Server:

And sign up to the league: ARL Prototype Registration

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