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ARL Formula Vee Series | Finale at Road Atlanta

Photos and winners from the Apex Formula Vee Finale

PRO Winner – Jakob Behrens – IGL Coatings E-Racing

Jentsen Adriaenssens – Indy Autosport

Alex Roggenbuck – Privateer

Jerrit Will – SCB Sim Racing Group

Jack Reeve – Privateer

Daniel Sivi-Szabo – Indy Autosport

Race Replay

Apex Formula Vee Finale

And that concludes a thrilling championship in the Apex Racing League Formula Vee Series, huge congratulations to all the winners –

PRO Championship Winner — Jakob Behrens (IGL Coatings E-Racing)

AM Championship Winner — Pedro Domingues (Double Yellow Racing Team)

TEAMS Championship Winner — IGL Coatings E-Racing

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