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ARL GT3 Trophy

ARL GT3 Trophy is returning for an eighth season! From the 14th of June to the 27th of September, the series is hosting 10 events open to all iRacers with a D license on iRacing. Drivers can compete for titles and prizes in each of the pro, pro am and am divisions, which they are assigned to according to their ability. Oh, and the series is the first ARL championship to feature rain!

We are super excited to finally have the opportunity to use rain in one of our series. However we want to keep rain as a unique and unpredictable event, similar to real life racing. Therefore we are using the iRacing forecasted weather which takes into account the time of year and location of the circuit to calculate the chances of rain. This means we may go the entire season without rain, or have it spring up at half the rounds. When it does appear drivers will need to ensure they make the correct decisions though, potentially needing to alter their strategy for changing conditions

Drivers have 8 cars to choose from, however, with iRacing teasing the potential addition of the Mustang and Corvette GT3s in recent months, the roster could well increase in the week leading up to round 1. Should that happen, drivers will be welcome to change car before the first round

Taking tracks from the IMSA and GT Sprint series, the series has a superb roster hosting races at Watkins Glen and Spa before the the 6 hours and 24 hour special events respectively. The final 2 rounds are still to be decided and will be chosen based on the iRacing season 4 schedule, potentially being on of the several new circuits rumoured to join the platform in the coming months.

Most races feature a single 60 or 75 minute race, will fuel limited to ensure a pitstop is necessary. At the other rounds, the drivers have 2 races to tackle, the first a standard 25 minute event, the second a 30 minute reverse grid.

Every round of the series is broadcast on Apex Racing TV’s YouTube channel live from the Apex Racing Esports Studio by Sam Fitzpatrick and David Sampson (Sampsoid). They will be covering qualifying as well as the race(s) with their SDK Gaming overlay and live timing, 3D track maps and interview drivers post race

Driver champions in the either pro or the am championships in either car class are able to win a 1 year Apex Racing Academy subscription for the series title, while the team champions in each car class win a 1 year team ARA subscription, each worth £250!

Anyone with a D class formula and/or sports cars license is welcome to join the series, so if you want to race, register now using the links below!

More information on the series can be found on the series page, including instructions on how to sign up: ARL GT3 Trophy Webpage

Join our Apex Racing League Discord Server:

And sign up to the league: ARL GT3 Trophy Registration

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