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ARL Endurance 2024

The wait is over! Our hugely popular IMSA-style team championship, ARL Endurance, is back for the 2024 season! Retaining the GTP, LMP2 and GTD classes, the series is one of your first chances to tackle the Mustang and Corvette GT3s in an extended-race format, with 6x 3 hour races in store for the 60 teams, each hosted on Friday evenings.

With a resurgence of popularity in the LMP2 class and the iRacing GTP and GT3 car rosters continuing to expand, it was a no-brainer to keep the IRL IMSA sportscars series classes for 2024. In order to encourage teams to use different cars, the admins may implement a custom BoP to increase inter-class competitiveness. GT3s are limited to 90% fuel tank capacity in order to force them to make 3 pitstops, while the GTP’s 90% fuel tank capacity will force them to take 4 pitstops per race, the same as the LMP2s.

The biggest change from last season on the circuit is the risk of rain. Teams can view the weather forecast on the run up to events, but will need to prepare for any eventuality come race day with deviations in the forecast possible.

The biggest change off track is the huge prize pool for teams. The prize money has increased to £2,000! The best overtakes and saves earn a Leoxz XF1 Pro Wheel (worth £600) and Cammus 14 Inch Rally Wheel (worth £86) respectively. Teams with the best average qualifying position in each class receive custom designed boots (worth £255 per team) and he best liveried team get custom designed T shirts and gloves (worth £270). There is also a 15% discount for the duration of the league on custom gloves, shirts and boots for viewers and team members! This is all made possible by our title sponsor Abruzzi.

While the legendary Spa-Francorchamps returns from last season, 5 new circuits accompany it. The IMSA circuits of Daytona and Sebring will be familiar for all participants along with the historic Suzuka and Silverstone tracks. Finally, fan-favourite Portimao makes one of its first ARL appearances. Each round lasts 3 hours with each class having their own 10 minute qualifying to set the grid.

Live stewards give out penalties during the race for drivers who are deemed to have caused a collision or are driving overaggressively against their rivals. Each team has one fast repair at their disposal, meaning even if they are caught up in an incident, they can get back out on circuit.

Every round of the series is broadcast on Apex Racing TV’s YouTube channel live from the Apex Racing Esports Studio by Sam Fitzpatrick and David Sampson (Sampsoid). They will be covering qualifying and the race with their SDK Gaming overlay and live timing, 3D track maps and host interviews with drivers post race.

The top teams in each class win prize money, trophies and subscriptions! £250 is awarded to the top team, with second and third receiving £150 and £100 respectively. Team champions also receive a one year Apex Racing Academy team subscription, with second and third each earning a 3 month sub. Champions also get a trophy!

Drivers just need a sports car or formula license with an iRating above 1400 to take part in the series – if you and your teammates fulfil this criteria and want to race in one of the best endurance series on iRacing, register using the links below!

More information on the series can be found on the series page, including instructions on how to sign up: ARL Endurance Webpage

Join our Apex Racing League Discord Server:

And sign up to the league: ARL Endurance Registration

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