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ARA Super Formula Lights

Already becoming one of iRacing’s most popular single-seaters, the Dallara 324 now has its own ARL series with the introduction of ARA Super Formula Lights! Our newest single-seater series features 8 elimination heat format events across July and August, hosted on Thursday evenings!

Introduced in March as part of iRacing’s 2024 Season 2 build, the Super Formula Lights official series have impressively built themselves a large fanbase despite competition from many other junior formula series. The car easily outpaces the FIA F4 and even the Dallara F317 thanks to its high mechanic grip and is intuitive to drive, improving it’s accessibility to new drivers. However it must be tamed under throttle thanks to the turbo powered engine’s high power output on corner exits.

The series will use our elimination heat format, seen in ARA F3, F4 and Porsche Cup in the past. The field is split into 2 heats with the top drivers advancing straight to the A Final and the rest racing the B Final. The top drivers from the B Final also get a spot in the A Final where the biggest points haul can be earned. This puts emphasis on sprint racing, with the standing starts and first lap racecraft crucial to earn a strong result. Before each round, there’s a 30 minute qualifying to set the heat grids, with each of the 3 driver divisions (pro, pro am and am) occupying the circuit for a 10 minute period.

To help prepare the drivers for each round, the series copies the SFL official series calendar. Misano makes it’s first ARL appearance for round 1 before we head to a familiar circuit for the car IRL, Fuji. The iRacing stalwarts of Sebring and Spa host rounds 3 and 4, with the newer scans of Hungaroring, Mugello and Zandvoort being visited for rounds 5, 6 and 8. Motegi, another circuit on the IRL schedule, hosts round 7. To further aid drivers, each participant gets a free 1 month subscription to Apex Racing Academy, where they can receive datapacks, featuring setups and track guides, designed by Luca Kita.

As is the case for every ARL series, stewards review incidents post race to ensure unfair driving standards are penalised. Every round of the series is broadcast on Apex Racing TV’s YouTube channel with their SDK Gaming overlay and live timing, 3D track maps and post race interviews.

£650 worth of ARA subscriptions are on offer to the top drivers and teams with each division champion receiving a 1 year silver sub! Trophies are also sent to each of the driver champions.

As long as you have a D class sports cars or formula license, you can register to the series. So get your name down now to get a place on the grid!

More information on the series can be found on the series page, including instructions on how to sign up: ARA Super Formula Lights Webpage

Join our Apex Racing League Discord Server:

And sign up to the league: ARL Super Formula Lights Registration

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