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ARA F3 VRS Super Series Season 5

Formula 3 cars are returning to Saturday nights! The fifth season of the ARA F3 VRS Super Series features 9 rounds, running from November to February. All rounds are broadcast on Apex Racing TV and every driver gets a one month Apex Racing Academy subscription just for signing up!

The series will once again use the exciting double and triple race formats, with reverse grids of 6, 8 or 10 places mixing up the starting order. For triple race meetings, each race lasts 15 minutes, whilst in the 2 race formats, each lasts for 25 minutes. This format in season 4 of the F3 series and season 1 of the FR2.0 Championship has provided many different winners and great racing. Like all ARL series, an amateur drivers championship is open to approximately half the grid, meaning everyone has a title to fight for!

All drivers get a one month subscription to Apex Racing Academy, allowing them to use setups and data packs designed by Peter Berryman. Each round matches the F3 official series schedule, so the ARA datapacks are particularly useful as every round of the season is covered. This series is open set up though, so you are welcome to make changes big or small if you want.

The 550kg Dallara F3 has established itself as the most popular single seater in iRacing over the past couple of years. Still used in various real life championships, this 220hp single seater is able to carry an exceptional amount of cornering speed and reach a top speed of 170mph. iRacing have done a great job of accurately modelling this machine’s raceability, with overtaking being possible, but by no means easy. Check out some of the clips above and alongside to see it in action!

More information on the series can be found here: ARA F3 VRS Super Series Season 5

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