ARA Formula 4 Championship – Final 6 rounds

£18.00 Ex-VAT

Secure your league spot for the season. Note: The final 3 rounds of this payment are non-refundable (£9 + VAT)

Season 1 of the Apex Racing Academy F4 Championship features 9 rounds, running the Formula iR-04 in each. Races start at 19:10 GMT every Saturday. This is an open setup series with optional Apex Racing Academy setups being supplied by the Apex Racing Academy coach and former iRacing World Championship driver Peter Berryman.

A coupon code is available in Discord for the Apex Racing Academy. You have the choice of either 1 month Bronze access for free (will give you access to 1 car) or half price Silver access (giving you access to 25+ cars). Using our Setup Sync App, setups will automatically be synced to your iRacing folder the Sunday before the next race. By joining the Apex Racing Academy Discord server you will have direct access to the coaches for Q+A and with enough demand we will organise group coaching sessions!

Please find the current series rules here:

Series Rules

Join the league discord here:

Apex Racing League Discord

iRacing Name & ID

Your iRacing Name & iRacing Customer ID is required to register for the league. Navigate to the “My Account” section of the iRacing website and your ID will be displayed in the top right hand corner. If you are placing an order for multiple entries, please add a separate order for each entry to the basket before moving to checkout.

Broadcast Data

We can display custom driver information for use on the Apex Racing TV Broadcast. For instance, if your iRacing name is Joe Bloggs2 you can enter your name below as Joe Bloggs so that the “2” is not displayed on the broadcast overlay. Please do not enter nicknames etc in the below field as these changes will not be applied.

If left blank team will be displayed as Privateer.

Car number

Pick a two digit car number for use in the league. This may have a digit added to the front to represent Pro/Am etc.

Other Information

Social Media

To allow us to tag you and/or your team on our social posts and website articles please enter the details you would like us to use below (optional)

Instagram :@
Facebook (only business account, we cannot tag personal accounts) :@
Twitter :@

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Please find the current series rules here:

Series Rules

Join the league discord here:

Apex Racing League Discord 

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