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1 – Entry

1.1 – To enter the championship, drivers must complete both the series entry form and purchase an entry through the Apex Racing League shop

1.2 – Purchasing an entry can only be done via the Apex Racing League website http://apexracingleague.com/shop – please choose the correct league “ARL GT Championship”

1.3 – To confirm entry to the championship you must have purchased the league entry fee

1.4 – You must also have entered your details into the entry form to confirm the required competition information that we need from you

1.5 – Paid entries are capped at 60

1.6 – £36.00 Ex-VAT for full season entry fee

1.7 – Drivers must have a D road license or above to enter the series

1.8 – Drivers can enter as part of a team or as privateers

1.9 – Teams can have a maximum of 3 drivers, minimum of 2 (best 2 drivers score points per round)

1.10 – Drivers will be assigned a pro or am status and entered into that respective championship, this status can be changed during the season

1.11 – Drivers can pick any nationality listed in the entry form, this list includes nations and states within countries such as Scotland and Macau

1.12 – Drivers can only be added to a team before round 6. Drivers will not score points for the team they are added to if they have already raced in one of the previous rounds

1.13 – Only 4 drivers are allowed to be registered to a team across the season

1.14 – Drivers are not allowed to swap between teams during the season

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