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ARL Gauntlet

Who is the master of all disciplines?

Who is the master of all disciplines?

ARL Gauntlet

Single seaters, rallycross, ovals, prototypes and GTs… who can master them all? The 5 rounds of the ARL Gauntlet will find out! Compete in each of these different disciplines in a new, unique series…

Every driver specialises in one category, but by hosting 1 round of this championship in each of the Dallara F3, Radical SR8, Street Stock, VW Beetle Lite and GT3 class, we can truly find the best overall driver. A random circuit is picked out of a list of 3 for each round, meaning drivers aren’t sure what track they are racing until minutes before practice. With this and fixed setups being utilised, this series places a huge emphasis on talent and is ideal for drivers who have limited practice time during the week.

Each meeting launches at 19:00 GMT on Sunday evenings and, besides the rallycross meeting, features a 10 minute qualifying before three 15 minute races, the latter two having reverse grids. Race craft is therefore paramount along with speed. Whilst this series is sure to be great fun, driving standards are expected to be just as high as ARL’s other series, so post race stewards will be handing out penalty points and pit lane starts for avoidable collisions. The series will also have rewards for pro, am and team champions, including £895 worth of SDK and ARA subscriptions along with trophies for the pro and am champions!

Join us, Sunday
Race Day Schedule
  • Race Day: Sunday
  • Session opens: 17:00 GMT
  • Qualifying: 19:00 GMT
  • Race 1: 19:10 GMT
  • Race 2: 19:28 GMT
  • Warm Up: 19:45 GMT
  • Race 3: 19:50 GMT
  • Drivers: Pro 
  • Drivers: Am
  • Teams: Overall
Series info
  • Classes: GT, rallycross, single seater, stock cars, prototype
  • Cars: All GT3s, VW Beetle Lite, Dallara F3, Street Stock, Radical SR8
  • Rounds: 5
  • Races: 15
  • Championships: 3
  • Reverse Grids: Yes
  • Prize Pool: ARA and SDK subscriptions (worth £895 Ex-Vat). Trophies for the pro and am drivers champions!
Useful Links
  • Engine: Varies
  • Output: 480 – 520 hp
  • Weight: 1300 – 1500 kg
  • 0 – 100 km/h: 2.6 – 3 seconds
  • Top Speed: 290 kph (180 mph)
iRacing GT3 Pro Trophy
  • Engine: V4 turbo
  • Output: 300 hp
  • Weight: 1300kg
  • 0 – 100 km/h: 3.8 seconds
  • Top Speed: 217 kph (135 mph)
  • Engine: V4
  • Output: 220 hp
  • Weight: 550 kg
  • 0 – 100 km/h: 4.3 seconds
  • Top Speed: 274 kph (170 mph)
  • Engine: 2.6 litre V8
  • Output: 380 hp
  • Weight: 650 kg
  • 0 – 100 km/h: 2.6 seconds
  • Top Speed: 277 kph (172 mph)
ARL Radical Championship
  • Engine: Small Block Chevrolet
  • Output: 375 hp
  • Weight: 1540 kg
  • 0 – 100 km/h: 5.1 seconds
  • Top Speed: 258 kph (160 mph)

ARL Gauntlet (Season 1)
12th September 2021

Announcement! – The ARL Gauntlet

Single seaters, rallycross, ovals, prototypes and GTs... who can master them all? The 5 rounds of the ARL Gauntlet will find out! Compete in each of these different disciplines in a new, unique series... Every driver specialises in one category, but by hosting 1 round…

There's plenty of racing in a series regardless of skill level. ARL attracts great talent, and racing with those drivers will make you better

Daniel ParmeleePorsche Cup & Mazda Cup Driver

Raced a couple of ARL seasons and they were by far the most professionally run leagues I've been a part of. The stream is entertaining with a great commentary team and it's good to watch back the day after the race. Admins do a cracking job keeping an impartial eye on any racing incidents

Rob WinterMazda Cup & GT Driver

I've been racing in ARL for several years, taking part in the Mazda, Porsche Cup and GT series. I'm an amateur racer and was in need of help to improve. Joining the leagues has helped me work on my race craft for official iRacing races

John TresidderMazda Cup, Porsche Cup & GT Driver

How To Join


Visit the shop and navigate to your series of choice:

Read all the information on the product page. You will find an entry form for you to fill out, a link to the rules document and a link to our Discord Server.

Enter your iRacing Name and iRacing Customer ID. Enter it as follows: Joe Bloggs 123456

Choose one data usage option and then Add To Basket. Follow the store checkout process including creating an account.

Once you have completed your order you will receive a confirmation email and be presented with an order confirmation on the website.

Next join our Discord Server: and change your Discord Nickname to match the Billing Name you provided in your order.

Our Discord Role Bot will now assign you the correct role so you have access to your leagues channels. This is where we will primarily communicate with you before and during the season.

Make sure you shout in Discord if you have any questions and have fun out there!!
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